In the past two years, we have been living in a global pandemic, which has put enormous strains on our economies and personal lives. After months of depriving restrictions and adapting to the new normal, people are still longing for personal networking, face-to-face meetings, and exchange of information.

Certainly, nothing is more constant than change, and German-Arab business relations are also subject to constant change. Nevertheless – or maybe because of that – they are deeply rooted, stable and full of opportunities. Both our economy here in Germany and the economies in the Arab world are well on the way to recovering from past shocks and even emerging stronger from the crisis.

In recent years, numerous examples of true partnerships between Germany and the Arab world have emerged. It is a commonly recognized fact that only cooperation and joint growth can create a secure and stable framework that is urgently needed by the economies of both regions.

In order to strengthen the Arab-German cooperation, as well as to discuss perspectives and challenges, it is our pleasure to invite you to the

25th Arab-German Business Forum
at the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Berlin
from 21-23 June 2022.

The three-day conference will continue as the leading platform for Arab-German business relations. The panel discussions, Ambassador roundtables, and country workshops with high-level and eloquent speakers will focus on key sectors that create opportunities and growth.

Together with our partners, we are delighted to welcome you to an inspiring 25th Arab-German Business Forum.



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